In which seasons does PWYS operate?


Play Where You Stay operates during all four seasons! The dates for each season are announced through social media. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @playwhereustay to stay in the loop!

What is the session cancelation policy?


Developmental soccer: PWYS will cancel sessions for the following reasons: The heat index reaches 100°F or above There is a thunderstorm forecast for the area within 1 hour of the start and/or finish of a

How do I know if a session is canceled?


Developmental soccer: We will send an email notification by 2pm to notify parents and guardians that a session is canceled, with the reason why. We also use the Remind text system for quick communication. Email

What equipment do players need to bring?


We ask that elementary school players bring a water bottle to practice. Other equipment like shin guards, soccer balls, soccer cleats, or athletic apparel are not required for developmental players. Competitive team players should bring

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