Play Where You Stay’s Winter Season starts today! See you at the field!

Thank you for registering your player for Greenfield Midtown Arena (820 S Willett St, Memphis, TN, 38104)! Our Winter 2020 Season will start today and we are super excited to see everyone back on the field. Practices will be Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 5pm until March 6th!

Greenfield is located behind an indoor tennis court off Willett between Central Ave and Lamar Ave. As you drop off and pick up, watch out for little ones. When you arrive, I will be there to greet you, sign your player in, and give them a pinnie jersey before they head out onto the field where the coaches will be waiting. We ask that parents stay off the field during practice. There is seating for parents who want to stay.

It’s been a long time without soccer and our coaches are super excited to have the players back at Greenfield!

If you are able please have your player(s) bring a water bottle. There is a water fountain at Greenfield but it will save time if most children have a water bottle with them. We also ask that your players do not wear cleats. We recommend athletic shoes (like tennis or running shoes) or indoor soccer shoes.

Our suggested fee is $10 per week to cover coaching and equipment costs. If you are able, please take a few minutes right now to make a payment: If you plan to bring a check this week, you can too. We can also take cash at the field. Again, this is a suggested fee. If you can’t afford it, you don’t have to pay it.

Special thanks to our partners that helped us build the 2020 Winter Season!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Call (901)864-2800 if you have any trouble finding Greenfield!

Looking forward to seeing all the players in action after the Holiday break!

Thank you!
The Play Where You Stay Team