In week five, Coach Riley introduced Goalkeeper Distribution and Coach Maxi went over some rules related to Fouls and Misconduct!

This week, coach Riley worked on Footwork and Distribution. These two techniques are essential to the goalkeeper position! Coach Maxi went over Free kicks, penalty kicks, and yellow and red cards. We hope you all enjoyed this week’s sessions and videos!

Thank you to all the players, parents, and supporters that have been supporting this Virtual Season. We will continue releasing meaningful content on our social media pages!


This fifth  week of the virtual season, our coaches taught a variety of skills that players can work on by themselves:

  • Footwork
  • Distribution
  • Reaction
  • Soccer rules
    • Free kicks
    • Direct Free kick
    • Indirect Free kick
    • Penalty kick
    • Yellow and Red cards

We will continue to focus on different drills that the players can practice on their own and that will improve their skills and knowledge about the game.

Challenge of the week

Felicien is the PWYS Week 5 Challenge Winner! He showed great stepover skills!  Felicien will win a PWYS jersey, a soccer ball and a set of cones to play soccer.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their videos!

We will post next week’s challenge this weekend. Follow our social media pages and stay tuned about our challenges!

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