1st PWYS Interview – Midtown SC 01′ player Paulo and Coach Lucas

The first two guests of the 1st Play Where You Stay interview were Coach Lucas and the Midtown player Paulo. Paulo shared his story and college plans while listening to Lucas’s experience in High School, Club, and College Soccer.

Paulo is a senior at Central High School and wants to play soccer while getting his degree in Business. Lucas, a member of the CBU’s Men’s Soccer Team, went through the same process two years ago and gave Paulo some important advice.

We are glad to have both of them in our program and we will continue to help them reach their goals!

“I’m thankful to play for Midtown SC. It made it easier for me to be seen by college coaches!”

Paulo Ndezarenko, Midtown 01′

“Having Play Where You Stay in Memphis it’s great because it gives the opportunity to everyone that wants to play soccer and I’m glad to be a part of that!”

Lucas Drumond, PWYS Coach

Challenge of the week

Abram is the PWYS Week 7 Challenge Winner! He plays for the Midtown 04′ Team and showed a great “Hocus Pocus” skill. Abram will win a jersey, soccer ball, and a set of cones!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their videos!

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