Our values are Joy, Brilliance, Daring, and Magic.
We want our players and coaches to dare to achieve brilliance while having fun. 

This Week’s Schedule

Every year, millions of players around the country face multiple barriers to play soccer and get high-quality training. PWYS Competitive offers boys and girls from ages 12 through 18 the chance to compete against the best local teams at the Mike Rose Soccer Complex while getting high-quality training focused on player development. This program supplements middle and high school soccer with skilled off-season “club” play. We want our athletes to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. Our great staff connects our players with college coaches and helps them by making individual Highlight reels that are available to the public on our Youtube page at the end of each season. Check our tryout dates and fill out our player interest form!

PWYS programming is free/low cost; your support helps us reach more kids. Each player in our competitive teams costs us around $600 per season.  We have a suggested minimum fee of $100 per season for each player to ensure commitment from players and families. No one who can’t pay is turned away!


Keep It Lit!

Our “Keep It Lit” campaign aims to raise money to keep our fields well-lit in the evenings this season. Together, we can light up the lives of our young athletes!