Published on July 24, 2020


One more week until the end of the 3v3 Summer Season!

This third week of 3v3 Summer play was very productive and all the players worked on more advanced 3v3 drills. “We started with an obstacle race as a warm-up. Then we moved to ‘Clockwise’ a dribbling activity and then moved to ‘King of the Hill’ a dribbling game. We finished with 3v3 gameplay with a team rotating on after each goal. It was great to see new players this week!”, said Coach Ali at Klondike Park.

We are excited to work with all the players for one more week at Binghampton, Chandler, Treadwell, and Klondike!


If you want to pay your weekly player fees, please do it by using the button below or pay in cash at the field on Tuesday.