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Greenfield is located at 820 S. Willett, Memphis, TN 38104. Greenfield Arena is an indoor facility located in Midtown on S. Willett, connecting the neighborhoods of Rozelle, Annesdale and Central Gardens.  Indoor is a great way to get out of the elements and increase your ball skill.

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Train in Binghampton Park located at 2606 Everett Ave. Binghampton Park is in the heart of  neighborhood that is at the geographic heart of Memphis. Binghampton Park is the scene of regular pick-up soccer games. Binghampton is one of Memphis’ most diverse neighborhoods, with immigrants and refugees from nearly 20 countries in its 2.55 square miles.

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Train in Chandler Park in Soulsville located at 979 Walker Ave. Chandler Park located next to Cummings Elementary a block from Memphis Slim house and Stax Museum of American Soul. Soulsville is the home of Stax and Royal recording studios, LeMoyne Owen College and is the birthplace of a number of singers, rappers, activists, producers, NBA players, politicians and future soccer stars.

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